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Electric roller for fire hoses ET-Roller 6 - Powered by M18 batteries

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SKU: 6426
50.70 LBS

Quick and convenient winding of both dry and wet fire hoses up to 5"

electric, powerful, versatile, foldable, powered by M18 batteries

  • Hose protector
  • 2 Forks housing

Compact battery-operated foldable fire hose roller tool with a powerful built-in electric motor minimizes the time required for reeling unwound fire hoses after action or training. The device can be also used for emptying filled fire hoses or for controlled unwinding of an already wound hose.



  • BACKSAVER - effortless fire hose reeling
  • Powered by 2x M18 batteries
  • Quick and convenient winding of both dry and wet fire hoses up to 5"
  • Easy handling, quick assembly, folded to transport position in a single move
  • Intelligent drive control – adjusts the speed of winding
  • Battery-operated – winds up to 15 000' of hose per one charging
  • REVERSE function – for convenient unwinding of already wound hose
  • Also for draining water from already filled fire hoses
  • Ergonomic robust design with many improvements compared with standard rollers:
    • easy-to-operate fire hose winding system
    • removable fire hose holder – ensures easy handling of a wound hose
    • unique fold-out chassis – stabilizes the winder and keeps it steady during winding



The roller is very easy and quick to operate. Fit the straightened fire hose onto the metal housing. Set the main switch to winding mode – ON. Press the WORK button on the handle and wind the full length of the hose. Then turn off the roller by changing to the position OFF. We can comfotably take the fire hose off thanks to the removable metal housing immediately after the winding, or if it needs to be moved closer, for example to the fire truck, we can leave it on a roller and take it to its destination, where it is subsequently removed from the roller.

The standard ET-Roller 6 package includes Drum type Metal Housing - to ensure the ability to wind different types of fire hoses up to 5". 

For reeling of smaller hoses use "2 Forks metal housing" - optional accessory for extra costs.

We offer as optional accessory "hose protector" to prevent abrasion hose ends in static winding mode.

The winder can also be used for convenient draining water from the filled hose by pulling it over guiding coil or for controlled unwinding wound hoses using the REVERSE function.



  • Safety limit on winding power (automatically switches off if limit is exceeded)
  • Smooth start, immediate stop
  • Intelligent control system adjusts the speed of winding
  • Safe working voltage – 36 V


Technical details

Powered by two M18 batteries. Robust steel frame. The heavy-duty parts of all the shafts are made of high-strength steel. Durable surface finish – powder-coated or galvanized. Powerful DC motor, water and dust resistant. Safe operation thanks to low working voltage. Durable control elements. Unique design ensuring high stability during winding and allows for easy handling of the wound hose.


Outside the EU, the winders are delivered without batteries.

Important! One roller must be powered by two M18 batteries.


The package includes:

  • 1× ET-Roller 6 – Electric roller for fire hoses up to 5"
  • 1x Removable Metal Housing - Drum type
  • 1× Instructions for use
Dimensions Assembled:
19 x 14.2 x 53.5 (maximum handle extended) in
Weight without fire hose:
50.7 lb