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About Us

ECCOFIGHTER sells products of registered trademark ECCOTARP®. 


The ECCOTARP collapsible products are highly innova­tive and help fire guards, rescue guards, hospital staff, during elimination of environmental accidents and spills, in logistics, in industrial warehouses, retail stores, offices, schools, etc. The ECCOTARP con­centrates on the development of products to protect the envi­ronment and human health. 


ECCOTARP product portfolio:

Collapsible spill berms, large customized spill berms, foldable drain covers, spill berms for pallets, sorbent dispenser carts, industrial folding funnels, large-capacity tanks and decontamination spill berms.

An innovation in the production are electric rollers for fire hoses and the flexible ECCO-Barrier that can be easily assembled on the floor for separation of segments that may contain leaked liquids. 


ECCOTARP products are sought after in developing countries, where the trend to protect the environment is on the rise. Thanks to this responsible approach, products of this company are exported to 27 countries, not only in Europe, but also to Asia and the U.S.A. The ECCOTARP brand has already acquired a reputation among the professional public. Products of this company are commonplace in catalogues and websites of the biggest distributors in various countries.


ECCOTARP products are developed and manufactured by Metal Arsenal Ltd. company. Metal Arsenal is based in Lysá nad Labem, Czech Republic (middle of Europe). ECCOTARP products are not from China.